Welcome to Kansai Altan

Kansai Altan is a paint company with an annual production capacity of ~90k tons, situated at a 110k sqm land in Izmir. Apart from paint, Kansai Altan manufactures most of it's polymer requirement in its own polymer production facility which is located in the same site. Annual production capacity of polymer production site is ~20k tons. More Details»




Note from the General Manager

Our company is established in 1982 under the name of Kemipol A.Ş. by 100% Turkish capital with the purpose of manufacturing and marketing Industrial Coatings. Read More»

Training Oportunities at Kansai Altan

Ensuring the continuous improvement and high performance which are essential to meet our customers’ requests are one of the most important features of Kansai Altan’s corporate culture. More Details»



Coatings are used for both functional and aesthetic requirements. Functional performance requirements include corrosion and stonechip performance, durability against environmental factors such as chemical/acid spillage from many sources, high loads of salt and humid air in coastal regions, high UV radiation, temperature differences etc.

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